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Semolina Baguette

This one is based on Rose Levy Beranbaum’s ‘‘Golden Semolina Torpedo’’, but since I don’t have the relevant torpedo mold, I baked it in my baguette mold. I use ‘‘Golden Temple’’ Durum Atta, of which I bought a large bag on Devon street.



  1. Proof the yeast in the mixer bowl; stir in the flour to make the sponge
  2. Sift the salt and remaining flour and cover the sponge, but do not mix it in.
  3. Allow the sponge mixture to sit for a while – I waited 8h.
  4. Knead the dough together. It may be necessary to add a bit of bread flour to get it to hold together. You want a finished dough that’s still a bit tender but not tacky.
  5. Rise until doubled.
  6. Fold down the dough and roll it into a baguette shape. Note that this dough is not wet enough to use the baguette process of rolling up a slab to make a log. You’ll need to roll the log directly. If that didn’t make sense, don’t worry about it.
  7. Rise about another hour – until it’s gained about 50% volume. In my case, I rise the shaped baguettes on a silpat laid over the baguette mold.
  8. Slash and bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes, or until the loaves are golden brown.


Rose’s baking instructions are specific to using the La Cloche; the above are a rough reconstruction of what I tried, which seemed to work well.