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BBQ Eggplant

I read about this in Neelam Batra’s excellent “The Indian Vegetarian”. She describes tossing eggplants into a grill full of hit charcoal, but given that I live on the 10th floor of a high-rise, I can’t really do that. This is the next-best way to do it.

This recipe is excellent with some sauteed onions on bread or pita, and also figures into other recipes.



  1. Throw the eggplant over an open gas flame, turning every few minutes, until the skin is good and charred. The eggplant will grow very squishy, and will likely make a mess of your burner.
  2. let the eggplant cool on a plate to catch the juices
  3. peel the eggplant
  4. puree the innards in a food processor
  5. salt and pepper to taste